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WHAT DO YOU SEE - 2022This immersive installation is a space for the viewer to come to terms with themselves. The work encourages individuality, intuition, and a moment to be seen. When experiencing this piece, you are both the spectator and the art in an ebb and flow of energy and power. Equality and balance begin to be shared between one another. There is a question and a statement within the room that are intended to assist in the beginning of the spectator’s journey of curiosity within the space. Sound created by DJ Jones (Instagram @notdjjones) "I asked DJ to play the piano with humanity. Raw, uncut sound." -B
materials: silver acetate film, metal clips, nylon thread, acrylic paint

Threshold Consciousness - 2022

One late night while I was trying to fall asleep, a book came to mind. The book cover was baby blue suede and inside were sheets of silver reflective film. The pages started to extend past the book cover and the book became surreal. I was reaching hypnagogia (mind awake, body asleep) The installation is an interactive piece that allows the human to enter into the threshold consciousness state
materials: silver reflective film, suede, matboard, clear nylon thread, metal clips

REPRODUCTION + DECONSTRUCTION - 2021The piece is a deconstruction of what I used to believe. But in the same vein, it is an embrace of what I have since learned and what I believe now. The crystals are representing the embrace of the present and emergence from the past. Each crystal tells a story of life, growth, and evolution. The silicone is the egg - the womb - the incubator - holding time.
materials: silicone + stones

hanging on by a thread. a near death experience - 2021
Our bodies and soul rest on a fine line between life and death. There is nothing securing or promising that this fabric will stay afloat aside from three points of thread that are wrapped around a tack. The fabric is the body, representing the one thing keeping us on this Earth. The light represents what makes up a person: essence, energy, personality, and soul. The body captures the light and absorbs it entirely as the fabric moves with the breeze, reminding us how precious life is.
materials: thread, silk, industrial fan, IKEA lamp (all found materials)

Parachute Wearable - 2020

My goal was to create a high fashion/editorial piece.
As I was creating out of intuition it was as if this piece was introducing itself for me. 
grand. spacious. isolated. distance. peace. vibrant. silence. still. important.
materials: metal mesh, metal links, metal rings, metal wire, 39-foot parachute

WASTED - 2021

An ode to the Nike sneakers that fell off of Hansa Carrier ship into the ocean in 1990, teaching oceanographers more about ocean currents.
materials: Nike Air Force 1 High-hop, resin, flexseal

SPINE - 2020materials: silk tulle + styrofoam beads


The Earth Storing Our Technology - 2020The earth storing technology
materials: pine + acrylic sheets

materials: concrete + aluminum sheet

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU - 2020 an ode to Frank Ocean - silk screen print
materials: acrylic paints, canvas

ICE - 2020

a story of birth and loss
materials: ice + plastic sheet

Hazy Eyes - 2021
Challenging the eye and mind to explore color, depth, and range. Silk-screen print.
materials: acrylic sheet, acrylic silkscreen paints