About the Artist


Brenna Lachele is currently developing her artistry in sculpture, digital design, and printmaking as a student. She graduates with a BFA degree in 2023.
​Her pieces draw from her childhood, personal experiences, and culture to tell stories through visuals, sculptures, and design. As an artist, her process is re-imagining product and design that already exists to push the needle forward in innovation and creation. Brenna does that through an intuitive process that invites curiosity and play.

"As I ebb and flow through the creative process of making art, it's as if the piece introduces itself to me and continues to tell me more about what/who it is becoming." She is currently having fun exploring found objects and non-traditional materials like silicone, flex seal rubber, acrylic, and resin. "I do feel that I'm still unveiling to myself who I am as an artist. My recent work has been offering me insight into what I’m capable of."