Brenna (B. 1998) just wrapped up her internship for Nike Inc. at Converse on the Global Digital Design and Content Creation team. She started her college career in 2020, getting her BFA in Integrative Studio Practice, with a concentration in Sculpture & Printmaking, and a minor in Art History. Before attending college at Herron School of Art and Design, she spent a year living abroad in Australia, Madagascar and the Philippines focusing on humanitarian work. During that time, she began her five year journey of freelance work as a digital brand & logo designer and videographer for companies nationally, such as Verizon TCC. In addition to getting her BFA, she is the Sr. Creative Director at Katecha Corp, and worked alongside two others to build a well-being app for Black Women and Women of Color. The minimum viable product currently has over 17,000+ downloads, and the team is developing 2.0.

"Identifying improved approaches and assisting in the curation of an inclusive and equitable environment are important to me."